Books by Sonya Vaughn

Writing: Where Mindfulness, Creativity, and Spirituality Meet

Would you like to meditate, but you can’t get your mind to slow down? Do you try to pray but are unable to focus? Do you struggle to manage the stress in your life? Writing is a wonderful tool to help you be in the moment, focus on your conversations with God, and alleviate your stress.

kindelThis workbook introduces one strategy in each chapter for dealing with stress or for focusing on the beauty in your life or your relationship with God. These strategies can be used in all aspects of your life to help you achieve an important goal: to enjoy and savor your life.

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§ 2 Responses to Books by Sonya Vaughn

  • annette rogers says:

    dear sonya:
    your personal experiences and emotional examples were touching this evening at the scottsdale women’s writers dinner. your voice is honest and direct, which gives it real impact. those of us experienced in corporate cultures–mine were mainly in big banks and brokerage houses–identify with your description of the hollow men and the lies they tell to workers–who know they are lying–and they know they know they are lying. you are right that being reduced to a number, to “business as usual”, is dehumanizing and destructive. your renewal is encouraging. thanks for your talk.

  • skvaughn1 says:

    Thank you, Annette. I am glad you were encouraged by my talk.

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