Creativity Tip #1: Fall in Love with Learning

By nature, children are incredibly creative, but as we grow up, we often lose this essential skill.  How do you recapture your creative self when you’re so overwhelmed with the responsibilities of adulthood? And what child-like qualities should you even adapt? In this and the following two blogs, I discuss what I think are the... Continue Reading →


Can I have my Lunch Back Please?

That sounds like a question you would ask a bully on the playground. But in this case “the bullies” are sitting in corporate offices, leaders who have made the decision to under staff their companies so heartlessly that the employees who are unlucky enough to still have jobs are suffering from a myriad of health and... Continue Reading →

Writing to Survive

My husband worked for the automotive industry. He was laid off three times in three years. The word “no” defined our lives:  No concerts.  No vacations. No babysitters.  No date nights.  No replacing appliances or furniture that broke.  No newspaper.  No LAN line phone.  No cable.  No new clothes. Finally, no house. After the third... Continue Reading →

A Trail of Bloody Paw Prints

I have been walking a dog since I was 11 years old, and I have never had issues with writer’s block.  I believe there is a direct correlation between those two statements.  In her book on creativity, The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron recommends “artist dates” as a way of keeping the well full so that... Continue Reading →

It’s Time to Dream Again

The great recession of 2007- 2009 brought a tremendous amount of pain and loss into people’s lives.  According to the experts, the recession ended in June 2009, but for most Americans, the struggles have not ended. For my family and for millions of other Americans, the damages have been staggering.  We lurch from month to... Continue Reading →

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